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Aluminum Construction Group is committed to exceptional
product quality, performance level and quality assurance.
To ensure the above, all of the systems developed by the
Group undergo comprehensive tests at one of the three
advanced and independent laboratories.

The first two labs are owned by the Group:
a static and dynamic laboratory qualified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Laboratory and the International Laboratory Accreditation cooperation (ILAC). The Aluminum Construction Laboratory, located in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, enables screen wall testing in particularly harsh environments and is regarded as one of the three leading laboratories in the world for testing screen walls.

a static and dynamic laboratory certified by IFT ROSENHEIM Germany. The Highcon laboratory, located in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone,
allows the tests of special geometries screen walls models of up to 60 square meters size.

a multi-disciplinary laboratory qualified by the Laboratory Accreditation Authority in Germany.

The systems developed by the  Group undergo dynamic and static tests for examining the strength of the systems, sealing to air and water, energy transitions, heat transitions, safety, acoustics, wear, corrosion and more.

Maximum module size:
9,000*6,000 mm

Pressure tests of up to

20,000 Pascal

Resistance to wind speed of up to

300 km/h with up to 1 Million Cubic 

Meter Air per Hour

These tests ensure the comply of the Group’s systems with 

the American ASTM, European EN and Israeli IS standard.