Aluminum Construction Group, founded in 1987, is one of the primary companies in the field of research, development, engineering, design, production, installation and maintenance of outer screen walls for skyscrapers which serve to enhance the cognition and sense of well being of the people living behind the building’s envelope. The Group specializes in developing advanced outer envelope systems which include artificial intelligence (AI) and control systems, as well as performing complex engineering projects in Israel and around the world aimed at improving life behind any building’s external layer.

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The Group

The Group Structure

The Group owns four plants and employs 460 professionals in the areas of R&D, engineering, planning, production, logistics, installation, maintenance and quality control. The Group is headed by the parent company, which constantly aims to position the Group as an innovator and principle player in the international arena. The subsidiary companies were born from this company, each specializing in its respective field:


Specializes in advanced screen walls for office towers. Israel's primary company in this field, Aluminum Construction Industries has been developing and designing the world's most sophisticated screen wall systems for the past three decades.


specializes in advanced skylight systems, geodesic envelopes and unique systems that produce energy for the building and improve comfort and productivity for the residents within.


specializes in superior screen walls for luxury residential towers and complex commercial projects. Alumcon operates an advanced engineering planning system and a sophisticated production system that enables tight control of schedules and uncompromising professionalism.


the Group's export division, specializing in inventive screen walls developed from steel and other composite materials, for skyscrapers.


Maintenance company that deals with the rehabilitation, upgrading and renewal of building envelopes. The company specializes in investigating failures in outer envelopes, and creating appropriate rehabilitation protocols.

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